Smart Toiltes Manufacturer In China

In our daily life, toilet is a must-have product in our bathroom and our requirements for toilets are getting higher and higher. As far as choosing your preference, it is all about finding the toilet you want to use on a daily basis and looking at the hygienic and comfortable experience of the toilet. IKAHE is a trusted Chinese manufacturer of smart toilets and accessories built on quality, service and expertise. Our bathroom products are well received on the market thanks to their high automation, sensitive control, UV sterilization and etc. A good reputation in China also helps us to expand our overseas businesses. Come and see for yourself and you will know why so many people choose IKAHE products! Read More

Main Products
    1. T Series Tankless Toilet, Smart ToiletTo kill bacteria and ensure the safety of users, we use advanced nanotechnology seat, anti-bacterial nozzle and medical-grade UV sterilizer in this smart toilet, leading to an ultra-high hygienic degree. We design the toilet system with eight protection programs, like leakage protection, over-heating protection and high-pressure protection, guaranteeing the safety of you and your family
    1. K Series Tankless Toilet, Smart ToiletOne attractive feature of this intelligent toilet lies in a high level of automation. Its sensitive phase-control radar easily knows your body movement and does proper response to offer you a relaxing experience. Besides, it also provides one-button control, integrating cleansing, massaging and drying together
    1. H Series Tankless Toilet, Smart ToiletSmart toilet implements such advanced technologies as variable-frequency heating, warm water cleansing and warm air drying, which benefits the blood circulation of vein and is good for health. In the evening, the night light automatically turns on and guides you to find the bowl without kicking or knocking on any objects, or disturbing your night time vision. The display provides a direct access to detailed toilet working conditions
    1. G Series Tankless Toilet, Smart Toilet Only being secure can products gain the reliance of consumers. We deeply understand the truth and that's why we design eight protection programs in our smart toilet. The protection system prepares for conditions like electric leakage, over-temperature heating and over water pressure. Not only that, it will automatically shut down when the tankless toilet is not used for 24 hours
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